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Live demonstration: How can ordinary people make money online?

15/05/2017 12:29

The latest and most reliable method for generating income revealed in our coverage.

We have conducted a blind study that took place in the Global Online Financial Association facility. This independent association specializes in testing tools that can generate profits for its users online.

The study’s goal was to find out which types of software are generating profits. GOFA conducted a five-day-long test, and the results surprised all the participants. The winner in the study brought its users more than a 200% return on their investments.

"The final results showed us that only one trading software was able to succeed in all tested criteria. It's called The Trader, and we would like to congratulate its creators. They did a great job," added Richard Foster, manager of GOFA, at the exclusive interview.

Our reporter Sarah Handrick was at GOFA's headquarters to do a coverage of their study. Take a look at today's episode of Software: Market Reviews, and see for yourself how The Trader made amazing profits for its users.

Our reporter has also made a stepby-step guide for all people interested in using this piece of software. You can see all of this in the video presented within this article. Please watch it to see more details.

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Author: Ryan Hudson

Financial software enthusiast who browses the internet every day. I have worked in several financial agencies and after 10 years as an employee I have decided to start writing for magazines all over the world to share some of my knowledge with ordinary people.

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